Web Accessibility Consulting

Our consultants can review your website for accessibility issues and recommend solutions, work with you during design and development, and review your policies and guidelines.

Web Accessibility Workshops

Our workshops introduce the 'what' and 'why' of online accessibility and look at the issues and solutions to common accessibility problems.

Next Web Accessibility Workshop - Canberra in November.

New Workshops:
Writing for the Web - Sydney in December.

If you would like a 'Writing for the Web' workshop in your state, please email an expression of interest to: Tania.Conlan@nils.org.au

Print Alternatives

Braille, large print and audio are ways of making your printed materials accessible to people with disabilities.

Promotional and Consultancy Services

Our consulting services provide the development of a total communication strategy, delivery of diversity awareness training and diversity and access reviews.

Accessible Information Database

Organisations that provide information in accessible formats.
Need a bill, brochure or receipt in large print, braille or other accessible format? Find out which companies provide them.

New version 1.2: Web Accessibility Toolbar

web accessibility toolbar

Free software for checking web site accessibility: document structure, colours, HTML, CSS, links, images ...

Colour Contrast Analyser 1.0

Free software for checking foreground & background colour combinations to help determine if they provide good colour visibility.
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